Better Day

Zain Bhikha

Better Day is a brand new single from top South African Singer-Songwriter, Zain Bhikha. Launched during the annual world-wide campaign of 16 days of Activism (25th Nov - 10Dec) to stop abuse against woman and children, this inspirational and uplifting song tells the story of bravery, defiance and upliftment despite all odds. Its bound to leave the listener hopeful and encouraged to work towards a Better Day for all. The album features 3 versions of the song, including a voice-only version as well as one featuring American Hip Hop sensation, Khalil Ismail. The album also contains a bonus track dedicated to the many roles woman play entitled "Woman I Love". This album is a must have for all who feel the need to appreciate the most vulnerable amongst us.

South African Singer and Songwriter, Zain Bhikha has once again created an inspirational and uplifting single entitled "Better Day", dedicated to the struggles of woman and children suffering abuse at the hands of others

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Better Day (Album Version)
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