Zain Bhikha - A Tour for Orphans - UK Tour

rusHuman Appeal UK is holding this tour to support those most vulnerable in our world: orphans. Human Appeal currently sponsors 75,000 orphans in 25 countries. However, with around 200 million orphans worldwide, there are many more young lives we can save. Your support will help us to provide them with food, water, clothing, shelter and medicine.
Zain Bhikha will be touring the UK and launching his 20th anniversary CD, 'Songs Of A Soul' and DVD in aid of orphans. Zain Bhikha will be joined by Dawud Wharnsby, Khalid Belrhouzi and Khalil Ismail.


About the DVD- Zain Bhikha: Songs of a Soul

This three-disc DVD package is in a word, astounding! Through a magnificent live concert, biographical documentary and collection of music videos, Zain gives us a glimpse into the window of his soul. It is inspiring, captivating and an absolute must-see. DVD 1 – Is a live concert of over 21 songs; including 4 brand new songs; filmed in his home country, South Africa at the beautiful Atterbury Theatre. Featuring accomplished artists such as Dawud Wharnsby, Khalid Belrhouzi, Khalil Ismail and Omar Reagan this magnificently shot video is interspersed with the story of Zain's music. It is a technical masterpiece that captures the essence of Zain Bhikha. DVD 2 – At the inception of this project early last year, Zain asked fans to send through stories of how his music had impacted on their lives. The letters received were astounding. They showed the special place that the artist holds in so many hearts. and each story was profoundly heartfelt. Director Amr Singh of Fortfilms visited countries across the globe, from Australia to the U.S, documenting these stories. Together with Zain's life story and his journey of song through the eyes of his family, friends and fellow artists, this documentary is unique, honest and deeply moving. DVD 3 - Zain's videos have gained international acclaim for their excellent production, inspiring stories and beautiful sounds. This collection is a special bonus for the fans, including all twenty-six of Zain Bhikha's official music videos on the commemorative DVD.

About the CD- Zain Bhikha: Songs of a Soul

The sounds of Zain Bhikha are legendary. They are synonymous with Faith, Hope and the need for global peace. Songs of the Soul captures the best of Zain Bhikha as voted by the fans. The CD's are a timeline of memories that have shaped his work and have made him one of the most beloved nasheed artists. Highlights of the CD are obviously old favorites such as Mountains of Makkah, Allah Knows and Zamilooni. However, his collaborations with long-time friends and fellow artists, Dawud Wharnsby, Khalid Belrhouzi and Khalil Ismail have also resulted in the outstanding new release "Someday" that will leave you with goose bumps. Also new, are King of the World and From Within. They capture Zain in the present and give the message of thanks and love that he feels after all these years.

rus The music video release of Zain Bhikha's song 'Slowly Slow'- featured on the album Allah Knows -will coincide with Father's Day 2013 as it conveys a touching, powerful message to fathers and sons throughout the world.


The poignant words encapsulated in Zain Bhikha's heart rendering song, resonate with a message of love and guidance from a father to his son. It is a strong reminder for all fathers to heed, to value and to hold dear one of the most precious of all relationships, that is, of father and son.

The lyrics to Zain Bhikha's song speak to the heart 'And every stumble, every fall breaks my heart in two'. These words reflect the intrinsic love and fear which a father feels as he watches his son grow into manhood.

Zain Bhikha delivered a similar message of love in his songs 'The women I love' on his hope album (2011) and 'My Mum is Amazing' on his Allah Knows album (2006), in honor of his wife and mom respectively.

Through his music, Zain Bhikha hopes to inspire and motivate people to honor and nurture our most valuable relationships, in order to create a better world. 'Slowly Slow' will broadcast on Father's day (16 June 2013) on ETV in South Africa. Zain was asked by the producers of the channel to add his voice to their special programming planned for the day and he felt that this song would be most suitable. He had originally written it for his son Rashid when he turned thirteen. Zain is now the proud father of four boys so the song has special meaning for him.

The video will also be available on the official Zain Bhikha YouTube page

Wishing all dads a happy Father's day!





rusI performed at Passion To Cares' annual fundraising event in Rustenburg, a town around 2 hours from Johannesburg, South Africa. An amazing community doing so much to make a difference.

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Zain Bhikha travelled to Moscow in January 2013 as a guest of the Russian Muftis Council for a special event commemorating the Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him. The event was held at Moscows' famous Crocus City Hall on January 27th 2013 to a sell out crowd of over 6000 people. It was Zain's first visit to Russia and definitely a memorable one.

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2012 was a year of challenges and firsts for Zain. One of the highlights of his year, was undoubtedly the “Water for Life” cycle challenge from Vietnam to Cambodia. Zain had little over six weeks to prepare for the gruelling challenge and together with his son, Rashid, cycled over 400km in just over five days. Here are some of the blogs, articles and highlights from his trip.

04 October 2012 -
Zain wrote:

"The big news is that Rashid and I have been invited to challenge ourselves, (and all of you), by cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia - that's over 400km in under 7days, for WATER FOR LIFE!

This November 2012, with Islamic Relief, we will be cycling 400km from Vietnam to Cambodia to raise funds for Water for Life in West Africa.

Islamic Relief heads the Water for Life projects and they've already provided much need sustainable water to Kenya and other regions in Africa. This year (2012), through the arduous cycle challenge they are RAISING FUNDS TO PROVIDE WATER IN MALI. This is a huge undertaking for me personally as it is stretching me to the max physically and mentally.

BUT! With 5000 children dying every day we cannot sit back as our fellow human beings suffer.

I urge you to please support me by sponsoring the cause.

Check out the designated www.justgiving/ to find out how you can make a difference.


Zain Bhikha, renowned musician, will cycle 400km from Vietnam to Cambodia as part of the Water for Life campaign in November. The aim: to raise funds for better access to sustainable water through wells, irrigation and reservoir facilities in Mali, West Africa.
Over 2 million children die every year in Africa because of a lack of clean water facilities; that amounts to 5000 children per day. Bhikha will be joined by his teenage son, Rashid Bhikha, on the quest to raise funds for the West African plight.

By cycling 50km a day for seven days, the intent is for the duo to be placed out of their comfort zones and put through a challenge of a lifetime with a bigger aim in mind: To assist in Africa’s water crisis.

Started by the international relief-aid organisation, Islamic Relief, this initiation isn't the first of its kind. A similar project was carried out in Kenya whereby 75 000 people and 200 000 livestock benefitted directly from the Water for Life project. Hygiene and sanitation levels increased significantly with the walking distance to ablution facilities reduced significantly for easier access. On a broader scale, the Water for Life project aims to decrease the spread of diseases and provide communities with access to the basic human need of water and water facilities.

"We continuously hear about, talk about and report about the impoverished parts of Africa but it’s about time we stop using this as a mere conversation starter and actively take action against this epidemic," Zain Bhikha said.
"The physical strain of the 500km on someone like me, with no previous cycling experience serves as a symbol of the continuous daily struggle faced by the African continent. Our request is simple: we aim to raise funds totalling R1.4m by 18 November. No contribution is too small in the fight to provide better living conditions and ultimately to save lives."


Zain Bhikha, in association with international aid organisation Islamic Relief completed the challenge of cycling 400km Vietnam to Cambodia in order to create awareness and raise funds for the West African (Mali) water crisis.

The team of ten raised close to R2 000 000, which, no doubt, will assist in providing a start to building sufficient water facilities in the area. This challenge primarily focused on alleviating the suffering caused by the 2 million children that die in Africa every year due to lack of clean water facilities.

"Admittedly, this is by far one of the toughest challenges that I have undergone however through each day the one thought that stood by me is that if I try and understand the suffering of the people of Mali, I should multiply my strain many times over to even compare."
“It was certainly a challenge and experience of a lifetime, one that I will look back on daily in order to realise that we are blessed and need to continuously help those less fortunate,” Bhikha said.

About Water for Life:
Started by the international relief-aid organisation, Islamic Relief, this initiation isn’t the first of its kind. A similar project was carried out in Kenya whereby 75 000 people and 200 000 livestock benefitted directly from the Water for Life project. Hygiene and sanitation levels increased significantly with the walking distance to ablution facilities reduced significantly for easier access. On a broader scale, the Water for Life project aims to decrease the spread of diseases and provide communities with access to the basic human need of water and water facilities.
Zain and Rashid will be joining their ‘Water for Life’ cycle partners later this year as they travel to Mali to begin the official project with Islamic Relief.
For video diaries on the challenge, Please see links below:



Zain Bhikha, prominent South African singer/song writer released his latest single, Better Day, in support of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign, today. Better Day is a song that aims to inspire people to act against abuse and create awareness of the negative impact of violence on women and children. The Better Day Campaign will run alongside the International 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign from 25 November to 10 December 2011.

As part of the campaign, Zain Bhikha Studios will host ACE (the Art of Creative Expression) workshops and provide performances by Zain Bhikha with the spirit of encouraging and sustaining an improved self esteem amongst the abused women who take part. The ACE workshops, which have been in operation for 15 years, aims to motivate and inspire participants to channel their creativity in healthy ways and in this case, will build their emotional cope skills.

“I’m committed to this cause and aim to assist in preventing the abuse of innocent women and children through Better Day and the ACE workshops, adopting a motto from the song: The reason we fall is to rise,” said Zain Bhikha.
“Our aim is offer tools to enrich the individual’s artistic capabilities, invite inspiration and polish their craft and through this means we hope to help individuals overcome painful experiences. We also publish some of the work on our website; this recognition sends a message of hope and optimism to victims,” he added.

According to People Opposing Woman Abuse (POWA), one in every six women who die in Gauteng is killed by an intimate partner and the Institute of Security Studies (date and research link to the institute) carried out research that showed 90% of women experienced physical abuse, 71% had experienced sexual abuse, 58% experienced economic abuse (money taken without consent) and a deplorable percentage of 42.5% of women had experienced all forms of abuse. In 2009, a report by trade union Solidarity showed that one child is raped in South Africa every three minutes, a report by trade union Solidarity.

The government has appealed to society to support the campaign by wearing the white ribbon during the 16-day period as it symbolises peace and the commitment to never commit or condone violence against women and children. An appeal has also been made to participate in the various 16 Days of Activism events and activities.

Zain Bhikha collaborates with top South African mainstream artists and the SABC, for Anti- Abuse campaign against Women and Children.

Zain Bhikha Studios would like to confirm that Zain has participated with top, local South African artists in a song that speaks against abuse to women and children. The song entitled Better Day was done in collaboration with local artists, Sabu, Raymond Green, Tsepo with the partnership of Jazzworx Studios in Randburg. The song has been airing on SABC over the last few weeks to bring about more awareness to the plights of many women and children who suffer daily at the hands of others.

"I felt that this was a very important cause to add my voice to. It's a responsibility on all of us to bring about change and South African statistics show an unacceptably high rate of abuse against women and children. As a Muslim, I feel it is my responsibility to support what is often an unspoken cause" says Zain Bhikha.

According to People Opposing Woman Abuse (POWA), one in every six women who die in Gauteng is killed by an intimate partner. "This shocking reality allowed my decision to participate in this collaboration - purely to aid this important cause," states Zain Bhikha.

The Institute of Security Studies carried out research that showed, 90% of women experienced physical abuse, 71% had experienced sexual abuse, 58% experienced economic abuse (money taken without consent) and a deplorable percentage of 42.5% of women had experienced all forms of abuse. In 2009, a report by trade union Solidarity showed that one child is raped in South Africa every three minutes, a report by trade union Solidarity.

"These stats alone are enough for us to realise that we all need to work together - all religions, races, cultures and sects - in order to overcome this dire problem that our society faces," explains Zain.

Zain Bhikha was also quick to negate unfounded rumours that he has released a music album or that he will use more musical instruments in future productions. "This was a one off project for me to add my voice as a Muslim to an important cause. This however does NOT in any way imply that I will be releasing songs with music.
A ll of my album's use voices and light drums in a traditional way and I will always strive to keep it that way" Meanwhile, Zain Bhikha's most recent album Hope, has received acclaim world-wide and he is proud of the way people have embraced his latest work. This album like all others is completely non-instrumental, contemporary, urban mix with a strong resonance of African culture throughout. The array of songs addresses various issues of humanity, all falling under the banner of Hope.




Following the great response Zain received with the launch of "Hope", Zain is planning to launch 7 videos off this album.

The video for "Elahi" was released in March 2011. This is an inspirational song that speaks about the personal relationship between us and our Creator. We can only find peace through His Remembrance. This song features renowned Middle Eastern Artist, Fadi Tolbi.


The first video released after the launch of Hope was "One God" .This nasheed inspires us to be in constant remembrance of Allah (SWT). One God, the first track on the album, is vintage Zain Bhikha and harks back to some of his older nasheeds. A
voice only and a drum version were uploaded on to You Tube.



"Heal the world", Zain's version of the iconic Michael Jackson song but of course, with an African twist was released on the 22nd of August 2011. The video was done in Soweto, South Africa.



Other video's to be released include "Heartbeat" & "Broken" which stars Rashid Bhikha. "Muhammad", "Women I love", "C'mon everybody" and "Sizomkhonza" which features the Masakhane girls school.


Zain Bhikha leading South African singer/song writer released his 7th album – Hope at the end of July at various venues in South Africa and in the UK.

"This album has been a work-in-progress for about three years. It is a very personal one that I think many, if not all, will be able to relate to," says Zain Bhikha.

The album is a contemporary, urban mix with a strong resonance of African culture throughout. The array of songs addresses various issues of humanity, all falling under the banner of Hope. Zain works with some impressive local and international talent, including his 18-year old son Rashid. Other artists include American rapper Khalil Ismail, Fadi Tolbi of the Middle East and Canadian-born Dawud Wharnsby.

The songs include a remake of Michael Jackson's Heal the World, with a South African twist – the video was shot in Soweto. In the same theme of hope and healing is the song Guantanamo Bay. Fans will be pleased that the album contains a re-release of his popular World Cup song; First we need the Love, a duet with Rashid, which garnered thousands of supporters worldwide. Included is a tribute to women: the Woman I love, which speaks to three different roles in a woman's life, daughter, mother and wife.


Zain Bhikha was at the following venues throughout SA to introduce Hope and the first ten fans that attended received a gift hamper.

KZN Kwa Zulu Natal: Thursday, 21 July 2011 Nino's Beach front – 10h30 – 12h00 Al Ansaar Bookstore – 189 West Road Overport– 15h00 – 14h00. Kiki's Restaurant– 17:30 – 19h30
Kwa Zulu Natal: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Nino's Beach front – 10h30 – 12h00
Al Ansaar Bookstore – 189 West Road Overport– 15h00 – 14h00.
Kiki's Restaurant– 17:30 – 19h30

Cape Town: Friday, 22 July 2011
Timbuktu Books - Shop G03, Ground Floor, Stadium on Main, Main Road, Claremont -14h00 - 17h00

After a successful South African launch Zain embarked on the second leg of this exciting journey – The United Kingdom – where he participated in the Living Islam Tour from 28 – 31 July 2011.

Living Islam is a British family event and retreat, held biennially for over 10 years. This non-profit project is run by volunteers and is well attended from people all over the UK and mainland Europe that come from various walks of life, including families and students from all faiths. The event is a four day extravaganza, with a huge variety of activities, talks and performances.

Other artists that attended included: Maher Zain, Safiya and Silk Road and Sound of Reason from the USA.

The video for "C'mon everybody," which is one of the songs on the new album will feature footage from the Living Islam event.

"The Hope launch has been a huge success not only did it start off with a bang but so did it end. I am humbled by the response and thank my fans for their unwavering support," says Zain.

Although Zain's latest album HOPE will only be officially launched at the end of July 2011, it has already gained momentum with the media, with positive reviews throughout.

Read review by Nabila Mayet : Click Here

Read review by Fatima Bulbulia: Click Here

Audio Interview with Voice of the Cape Radio Station – South Africa - Click Here


(Johannesburg, 29 June 2011) Zain Bhikha leading South African singer/song writer is releasing his 7th album – Hope at the end of July.

Having toured every continent with his songs, Zain one of the top Nasheed (song of Islamic orientation) artists in the world, and number one in South Africa, believes in inspiring those around him through his songs and Art of Creative Expression (ACE) workshops. This local singer first attracted global fans with his work in 2001 singing about pressing personal, social and spiritual issues.

He is known to be the voice of local concerns with universal value, and sees his music transcending all boundaries and barriers. Zain was one of two South Africans featured in the Top 500 Most Influential Muslims book – the other being cricketer Hashim Amla. He represented South Africa at a Peace conference held in Sydney last year, and was also invited by the Royal Family of Dubai as part of a contingent of Islamic academics and artists working for peace.

"This album has been a work-in-progress for about three years. It is a very personal one that I think many, if not all South Africans, will be able to relate to and I am sure that Hope will be welcomed into the South African market," says Zain Bhikha.

The album is a contemporary, urban mix with a strong resonance of African culture throughout. The array of songs addresses various issues of humanity, all falling under the banner of Hope. Zain works with some impressive local and international talent, including his 18-year old son Rashid. Other artists include American rapper Khalil Ismail, Fadi Tolbi of the Middle East and Canadian-born Dawud Wharnsby.

The songs include a remake of Michael Jackson's Heal the World, with a South African twist – the video was shot in Soweto this month. In the same theme of hope and healing is the song Guantanamo Bay. Fans will be pleased that the album contains a re-release of his popular World Cup song; First we need the Love, a duet with Rashid, which garnered thousands of supporters worldwide. Included is a tribute to women: the Woman I love, which speaks to three different roles in a woman's life, daughter, mother and wife.

Hope will be available from 23 July 2011.

For more information or to request review copies please contact Nabila Mayet on
011 447 7241 / or Alison Spratley on 011 447 7241 /

Zain's Tour to Malaysia on the 1st May 2011 was hosted by local organisation Out of This World to a very receptive audience. Many hadn't heard of Zain before, and he was thrilled for the positive feedback from his performance. Zain describes the tour as 'quite and adventure' as their were a few minor hiccups with the event almost being cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately, everything was sorted out due to the immense support from the generous Malaysian private sector.

Zain shared the stage with a host of talented international Nasheed artists including Native Deen, Khalil Muhammad, Aashiq al Rasul as well as various esteemed Malaysian groups. Subsequent to the success of his performance, Zain has now been invited to return to Malaysia later this year.

We are all aware of the HIV/Aids pandemic and its devastating effects on people throughout the world. Zain has been actively involved in the fight against Aids offering support to HIV and Aids sufferers, their families and the community at large. The International HIV Fund (IHIVF) in one of the organisations with whom he has worked, embarking on education campaigns through various initiatives.

IHIVF recently produced a brilliant video on Aids Awareness using Zain's song "Our World" to great effect.
You can view the video on

More about IHIVF

The International HIV Fund (IHIVF) is a global initiative aimed at enhancing collaboration between Muslim and non-Muslim organisations in combating HIV and AIDS.
The Fund aims to engage in and facilitate communication with national and international HIV-related networks and activists at the grassroots level to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention measures. Their goal is to develop a significant Muslim contribution to helping communities that are directly and indirectly affected by the pandemic.

Visit for more information

Zain is honoured to be part of the Annual Islamic Song Festival hosted by Malaysian Organisation, Out Of This World, taking place in Malaysia on the 1st of May 2011. The Festival will also feature renowned international artists including Native Deen, Khalil Muhammad, Aashiq al Rasul and various esteemed Malaysian groups.

Although Zain has been touring less frequently in 2011, one of the highlights of his calendar is the Living Islam Tour in July. This will be Zain's fourth appearance at the annual event held in the United Kingdom to a 5000 strong audience.

This year Zain's tour will include his Art of Creative Expression (ACE) Workshops to young adults throughout the country. He is also looking forward to sharing the stage with his dear fiend Dawud Wharnsby. Certainly one for the U.K fans to watch out for!


Well-known South African comedian, Riaad Moosa will shortly be gracing our screens in the Upcoming Movie entitled "Material", alongside an outstanding local and international cast. Zain was pleasantly surprised when Riaad asked him to make a cameo appearance in the movie and he had a brilliant time on set in Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

" Elahi" is a wonderful collaboration between Zain and well Known Middle Eastern artist, Fadi Tolbi. Zain was extremely pleased to have been afforded the opportunity to work with Fadi on his visit to Dubai last December.

The song, a powerful Nasheed that discusses man's relationship with his Creator and the Remembrance of God for inner fulfillment has been artfully composed, and its accompanying video has now also been officially launched. It will be featured in Zain's compilation youth album to be released later this year.

In the meantime, watch the video and listen to Lyrics…on


Voice only version...

Making of the video

Fadi Tolbi is an Algerian singer, producer and composer born to an Algerian father and Syrian mother. He was born in Aleppo, Syria and now lives in United Arab Emirates.

Peace be with you all,

Well, 2011 has kicked off and I must say that given the last year filled with so many shows, productions etc, I've had to make some key decisions in my life and prioritise. The main influence for this re-analysis has been my attendance of the RIS show in Canada in December and listening to amazing scholars like Tariq Ramadaan, Hamza Yusuf, Habib Ali and many more. In a nutshell, I have made some resolutions (how long they will last, I am yet to see) but anyways, this year, I want to spend more time on productions and at home with my family as well as hopefully continue my Islamic studies, which is something I am really looking forward to. I know that there were many tours planned but I've had to make hard choices, for example the 3-week tour of the US will sadly not take place this year. I am grateful to ICNA for their understanding and Insha-Allah, will look at it again for 2012.

Productions for this year are very exciting, that is if I can get them done. I have the long planned "Youth Album" which will comprise of songs like "First We Need The Love" and others featuring relevant artists from around the world with strong messages for our youth. This album will be very different to previous albums such as "A Way of Life" and hopefully will make a difference in the lives of our young adults in terms of spirituality and hope. If you have any ideas for names or subjects to cover, your advice will be much appreciated.

Also, I really hope to continue the ACE (Art of Creative Expression) workshops here in South Africa, especially in the disadvantaged communities, which for me, is a wonderful way to give back.

Another very exciting development that took place in December was meeting up with my friend and artist, Fadi Tolbi in Sharjah, UAE. Fadi is an exceptionally talented singer and producer and we've always had plans to so something together. Well, when I heard one of his latest Arabic songs, which has a beautiful melody and meaning, I knew instantly that I wanted to feature in it. So, the song and video was done in the space of a week and will be released very shortly as a single. I will keep you all posted on this. However, in the meantime, you can watch the making of the song and video here:

Lastly, we are looking at various Video productions like the children's TV show we produced a few years ago as well as a Live DVD with compilation of all the music videos we've done.

So, all in all, it looks like an exciting year ahead. Thank you all for the support and for listening. It means so much to me. Please remember me in your prayers and stay in touch.

Peace and Love,
Zain Bhikha

Having visited Holland only a year ago, Zain was intrigued to have been invited again so soon and was especially pleased for the opportunity to host workshops and share the stage with his good friend, Dawud Wharnsby.

In a jam-packed week of workshops to school children in Amsterdam and Rotterdam from Al Amin, Ababil and Al Ghazali's Muslim Schools, Zain and Dawud also had the opportunity of conducting a special educator's workshop, which was a truly unique and uplifting experience.

The highlight, though, were three shows in two days, Saturday 4th December in Amsterdam and then Sunday 5th December- where two different events were held in different countries ALL in one day! There was an afternoon performance in Antwerp (Belgium) and an evening show in one of Zain's favorite cities, Rotterdam. Zain was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform a new song that he had written, which is currently being produced by Idris Phillips and Dawud Wharnsby, called "Betterday". Zain says, "To sing this song with them, and Idris's ultra cool son, Mathew, playing percussion was out of this world."

As a born and bred African, Zain braved the freezing weather in Holland to enjoy the beautiful snow and describes it as "picture-book perfect, Masha-Allah!"
All-in-all, the Holland tour hosted by Br. Zakaria Hamidi of Moon and Stars (NL), as an Islam Producten initiative was a wonderful experience and Zain hopes to visit the country again very soon.

This video is the first "animated" style video Zain has produced. Featuring his son Muhammad, it embodies the love between a father and son.

Shot on location in studio, all the animation effects were done inhouse by Camhouse Media to create a truly visually appealing video.

Zain performed many of his new songs as well as some old favourites at a special event in Durban on the 20th November 2010. The concert was a joint effort between the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa and Baytul-Nur, which saw the launch of 16 days of activism against violence on women and children. The event also served as a dedication of 150 years of the arrival of indentured labourers in South Africa.
Baytul Nur focuses on the counseling of abused women and children, provides HIV/Aids training, Home-based care training and Drug Rehabilitation.

Zain was delighted to participate in this year's GPU event, and to feature amongst some of the world's most well-known and talented musicians, Nasheed Artists, comedians, speakers and entertainers. He was joined on stage by Umar Debois, Idris Philips, Khalil Ismail and a number of very talented children from South Africa and The U.K. One of the highlights of his performance was indeed Zain's remake of Michael Jackson's "Heal the World", which Zain says is a song that encapsulates the messages of peace central to the annual GPU event.

The Global Peace & Unity Event is designed to provide an uplifting educational and entertainment based exchange. It brings together under the expansive roof of the ExCel Centre in London, all those involved in efforts to promote community cohesion, mutual respect and a safer world for all.

The speakers, performers, activities and overall diversity present at the gathering, creates a rich and stimulating environment conducive to the goal of building bridges to fostering global peace and respect for all communities.

This ones especially for our Danish fans. Yes the entire article is in Danish.
It was an interview conducted with Zain at the GPU in the UK.
Click on the logo alongside to view the article

In today's world, attempting to lure youngsters away from the allures of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers towards Islamic nasheeds has become an uphill battle. The dearth of choices is compounded by the fact that there are very few Muslim artists who have managed to fill this niche' market adequately. Taking cognisance of this and in response to requests from not only his family but fans as well, Zain Bhikha has recently released an album that is aimed primarily at his more youthful audience. A wonderful collection of both old and new nasheeds, "A Way of Life" goes a long way in presenting youngsters with a viable alternative to the Disney favourites.

The litmus test of a children's album would be the reaction of the kids themselves. Based on the fact that since we received our copy of the album, I have missed every morning's news, it is safe to say that A Way of Life has been a big hit with my children. Within a day they had memorised 25 names of the Prophets, courtesy of the new song on the album `25 Prophets'. Herein lies the immense value of this new compilation from Bhikha.

Having been exposed to the nasheed, the children have taken it upon themselves to look up the stories of the Prophets (PBUT) mentioned. The inclusion of the English version of the Prophets names, recited by Safiyya Beere in her gorgeous British twang, is a wonderful addition. It piqued the curiosity of the children and has led to wonderful discussions of the Prophets and their importance not only to Muslims, but also to Jews and Christians.

The mark of a valuable recording is in its ability not only to entertain, but also to inform, and in this regard `A Way of Life' comes up trumps. Children are naturally curious and yet have limited (if any!) capacity to sit and absorb sermons. By including Islamic life lessons in a manner that is both informative and fun, Bhikha has provided parents with a tool that enables us to impart lessons to our children without losing their interest.

The old classics that have been included on the album have been reworked and been given a more contemporary feel. Favourites such as `Although I never saw his face', which so aptly describes the depth of love and reverence Muslims have for Prophet Muhammad (SAW), enable the listener to comprehend the overwhelming position occupied by the Prophet in our lives.

Amongst the other new compilations is a touching duet that Bhikha sings with his son Muhammad. A wonderful illustration of the bond between parent and child, it is sure to tug many a heartstring. Inspired partly by a meeting Bhikha had with a couple who had lost a young child, it speaks of the bond that will endure into the next life. Having used a number of very talented young artists on the album, Bhikha has ensured that his dream of nurturing and promoting the youth bears fruit in a positive and practical manner. The young artists also captivate their peers and my young critics were rather taken with their renditions.

In essence, A Way of Life is set to become another must-have classic from the Bhikha studios. For a new generation of young listeners, it is a superb introduction to the world of nasheeds. For the older listeners, it is a wonderful walk down memory lane emphasizing basic lessons that will resonate with both the young and the old.

Zain's latest album, " A Way of Life" is to be officially launched at the Tshwane Muslim School on the 15th and 16th October. The latest compilation of 25 songs, promises to be one for the whole family, featuring some well-loved classics, with newer songs that encapsulate the sounds of Zain Bhikha as a renowned traditional Nasheed artist.

"A Way if Life" is a collaboration of several young artists and is aimed at children of the World. Zain's inspiration behind the album was of course, his own sons and to invoke a sense of pride in Muslim identity showing that Islam is indeed, A Way of Life.

In the past 15 years, Zain has graced stages the world over. This year, he was delighted to have been asked to sing at a concert in Africa for the first time, and to be amongst fellow African Muslims for one of the most revered days in the Islamic calendar.
The event, which was hosted by Radio Al-Bayaan, the largest Radio Station in Cote d'ivoire was held at the Cultural Theatre in Abidjan on the 11th September 2010. Radio Al-Bayaan has supported and promoted Zain's music passionately for the past nine years and were delighted to have sold out for the 3500 people concert. More exciting is the fact that the event made history as the largest Islamic concert to be hosted in the Ivory Coast.

Zain was accompanied by sound engineer; Casey Hugo, Vivek Parshotam on drums and upcoming U.S rapper Khalil Ismail who joined him on stage. The concert also featured other well-known local artists such as the soulful Alima.

The crowd's response was positively astounding. From the opening song of "Salaam-un-Salaam" when the crowd erupted in joyous cheer all the way through to the end of the show, people sang along and encouraged Zain and his fellow artists, making it, in Zain's words, "one of the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had!"
"Although people do not have much in the way of material possessions, the warmth, love and hospitality in Cote d'ivoire is truly more heartfelt than anything I've experienced before. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Radio-Al-Bayaan for going out of their way to ensure that my stay in their country is amongst the memories I will always cherish." Zain further adds that this was an Eid blessed with joy, celebrated in true African style.


Eid-un Sa'Eid has remained a firm favourite since its first release on 'The Journey' in 1997. Zain has now made a special video for the Eid song, in time for the Eid Celebration. The video was shot on location in Johannesburg, and features several of Zain's family members and close friends. In many ways Zain became famous in South Africa because of the Eid song, as each year, since its first release, television and Radio stations, both Islamic and secular, have used the song during the Eid festival. This is the first time that there is a dedicated video to suit the song's festive mood and words of rejoice.


Zain is deeply regretful that he was unable to attend the Sounds of Light Show in Australia due to circumstances beyond his control. He would like to offer sincere apologies to his fans in Australia who have always given him tremendous support and Insha-Allah, he hopes that he will visit you in the not too distant future.

Feedback from the organizers is that with the blessings of God, this year's show was highly successful. Once again, Zain would like to commend Human Appeal International for their commendable work towards the upliftment and servicing of humanity.

Charity and goodwill are an integral part of our Faith and should be ingrained in our lives. Part of this involves supporting causes that benefit humanity.

As Madiba turned 92 on 18th July 2010, South Africans honoured his 67 years of dedication towards the upliftment of humanity by giving 67 minutes of time to worthy causes as part of Mandela Day.


Zain and his family visited the children of MAP (Islamic Careline), in Johannesburg. He was warmly welcomed and had a fun-filled afternoon with the children.

MAP is an amazing organisation dedicated to providing support for people living with AIDS, affected families and children. As a subsidiary of Islamic Careline, it has helped many number of the most afflicted children, teens and displaced women to integrate positively into society.

Find out more about Mandela Day

ITV is a 'home-grown' South African Television broadcasting channel committed to Islamic Awareness. Zain and Rashid were honoured to feature at their official launch at the Wits Great Hall in Parktown, Johannesburg on Saturday 17 July 2010.

The release of "First We Need the Love", has garnered some favorable feedback from the media. What has been most encouraging is the change in mindset from many quarters on the perception of Islam. Zain has been praised for his work in the positive promotion of Islam through peace.

Amongst others, Zain and Rashid have appeared in/on:

SABC Africa's Arts and Culture programme, with Zeenat Abdool. To Listen to interview, Click here
Talk Radio 702 – Johannesburg
WOZA LUNCHTIME- Super Sport 3 – South Africa
Sunday Times Extra Newspaper- South Africa
Spirit Sundae – South Africa
E-T.V Sunrise – South Africa
The song has aired on Radio Stations throughout South Africa
Fatima Bulbulia has also written an insightful article on the song delving further into Zain's thoughts on his upcoming album release. Entitled "Finding the Love - Zain Bhikha's Message of Peace", the article is published in the July edition of South African Publication- Muslim Woman.

Thank you for the many inspiring and thought-provoking entries we have received for our poetry competition. Your talents have astounded us! As in all competitions, it's always difficuilt to choose, but we did so, taking into account the approach to the topic, the concepts, choice of words and occassionally, the age of the entrants as well. So, after much deliberation, we are proud to annouce the Top 10 winners as follows (in alphabetical order):

Aasiya Seedat
Gaida Mahgoub
Hesham A. Hassaballa
Juwayriyah Nana
Khaled Charkie
Mariam.b D
Osama Anwar
Sally Rederth
Sara Essop
Tazmin H. Uddin

Please click here to view their winning entries. Congratulations and we will be contacting you shortly to arrange the delivery of your prizes which include a copy of "First We Need The Love" single + merchandising.

Zain is honoured to feature in the June 2010 issue of British-based magazine Emel. The magazine covers aspects of Muslim Life in a vibrant and dynamic way, from role models making a positive difference on the global scene to style, education, parenting, artistry, finance, sport, politics and faith. All these aspects of Islamic life, and people living Islam are so important for changing mindset, proving just how Muslims are a major contributor to world civilization.

Nisa Terzi's heartwarming profile on Zain, provides insight to his thoughts, views on life and hopes to change the world.


Zain considers himself, proudly South African. He comes from a family who were involved in the struggle for Freedom and believes he is amongst the fortunate to have lived in South Africa through this remarkable time in South African history. He is also an avid fan of the game of soccer. These passions and his vision as an artist have led to his latest project. One that is as much personal as it is meant for the people of his country. In Zain's words, "When I consider projects, I look at them in terms of what's needed and not in terms of what will sell. I look at what the community needs and where I can make a difference." This 'making a difference' approach culminated in the writing, composing and performing of his newest single to be released to the mainstream market in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Aptly entitled, 'First we need the Love", this incredible song, featuring Zain's 17 year old son, Rashid, is about making a difference through the power of love, and sparking that change by beginning with yourself.


In a unique audio and video release featuring another trademark song, "Who I am!", this album is sure to capture the hearts, get the feet tapping and make South Africans and indeed the world, feel the love.



Zain says that a further motivation behind the release of this audio/video CD, was to celebrate South Africa's multi-culutural society and to lend support to this country-changing event as an Islamic artist. In his own words, "in the littlest or grandest of ways, you can change the world, you can make it better!"
First We Need the Love is available through CD Baby and from distributors worldwide.

We have 3 versions of "First We Need The Love" on the album.

The Album Version , with beatboxing by Khalil Ismail and Umar Abdullah.

The Mellowmix Version is without any beatboxing and has a different vibe entirely.

The Karaoke Version, which has allows people to sing along.

Please remember these song uses NO musical instruments, except voice.

"Who I am" was written by Zain Bhikha and fellow artist and friend, Abdul Malik Ahmed from Native Deen (U.S.A). A brilliantly uplifting, upbeat song, it leaves one feeling proud and ready to stand tall. Especially significant to the youth, "Who I am", talks about feeling comfortable in your own skin and embraces each person's uniqueness.
The video of "Who I Am" was shot in Cape Town's District Six by the talented team at Fort Films. A wonderful concept that uses Post-Its to show each person's uniqueness, the video will leave you feeling proud to be you. The significance of the location resonates with Zain's love of South Africa and its people while the song's universal message is sure to capture the hearts of people the world over. Zain and his niece, Tasneem Kathrada, from Cape Town conceptualized the story behind the video. What was wonderful though, is that the hundreds of people who attended the shoot and the thousands of post-its that floated in the Cape's Westerly breeze charged the streets of District Six with a special kind of magic.
District Six's history and its significance to South Africans, particularly with regards to the Apartheid era are very interesting and worth reading about. It is best known for the forced removal of over 60,000 of its inhabitants during the 1970s by the apartheid regime.

Zain is delighted that he will be officially dressed by SHUKR Clothing, for all his stage performances, video recordings, photography, marketing materials and public presentations from the end of May.

This exciting partnership is in the interests of promoting virtuous, beneficial services for the Muslim community and beyond where Zain Bhikha Studios and SHUKR Islamic Clothing have agreed to support each other's activities.
SHUKR is a high quality producer of Islamic and modest clothing for women, men and children. Famous for creating unique designs, SHUKR was the first to introduce contemporary styled Islamic clothing for a new generation.

Organised by the dynamic charity group, "Caring Women's Forum", this annual event hosted in Johannesburg raises funds for various projects aimed at meeting the needs of underprivileged communities in South Africa. Zain and Rashid were delighted to share the stage with the well-loved comedian, Riyaadh Moosa.


The evening was a resounding success and Zain is pleased to have been a part of this social upliftment initiative.

Having last toured the U.K in 2008, Zain was very excited about seeing fans again and introducing some of the songs from the '1415' album on stage. The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly the launch of the new single, 'First We Need the Love' which was performed live by Zain and Rashid for the first time.
Zain was equally thrilled to be sharing the stage with talented artists Khaleel Mohamed, Nader Khan, Hamza Robertson and Prince Abdi at the concerts held in Manchester, London, Bradford and Birmingham.

Families Relief went the extra mile to ensure that the concerts were successful. They are a charity organisation with a big heart and their efforts have helped many thousands of families across the world. The focus of Families Relief is humanitarian aid and providing support for rebuilding the family and community unit across the world's most destitute and poorest of regions. Their work has taken them across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East serving thousands of families with projects from emergency aid to medical centres, from individual tailored schemes like school uniforms, equipment, meals to wider based initiatives such as education development.


After completion of the U.K Tour, Zain looks forward to visiting Australia again. The people 'down-under' have also given Zain valuable support over the years, and his visits are always highly anticipated. In July 2010, Zain will once again join forces with Human Appeal International for their annual Sounds of Light Concert. Zain last joined forces with Human Appeal in 2008 in an unforgettable event and is looking forward to returning to Australia so soon after the Parliament Peace event in December 2009.

This year's concert will feature new releases and fans can look forward to hearing some of Zain's latest songs. A treat for the Australian audience is that Rashid will be touring with Zain, together with several world-renowned Islamic Artists. Look out for more details in the next few months.


A little more about Human Appeal… Human Appeal International Australia is a non-governmental humanitarian organisation seeking funds from supporters to assist in providing services to thousands of poor and needy people through programs in Food relief and development projects in Health and Education.

Human Appeal International has 12 offices worldwide serving more than 10 million people in countries including: Sudan, Senegal, Mauritania, Bosnia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Eritrea, Somalia and Palestine .

The Sounds of Light Concerts have become an annual event hosted by Human Appeal together with artists from around the globe. It is community activity initiative combining entertainment and charity by providing an opportunity for families and individuals to enjoy a multicultural entertainment environment while supporting the orphans around the world. The first concert was held on 2007 in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. In 2009 the concert was expanded to the city of Brisbane.

All Sounds of Light concert are staged at world-class venues including:
Acer Arena, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney.
Vodafone Arena, Melbourne.
Dallas Brooks Centre, Melbourne.
Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Brisbane.

In the past few years Zain has been invited by a number of organisations to lend his voice to events held in honour of World Peace and Unity. In March 2010, he was honoured to be among a group of World Islamic leaders, scholars and philosophers, invited to attend the Dubai Peace International Convention aimed at the promotion of global Unity through Peace. The conferences objectives were to gain global unity through peace by bridging gaps, building relations and developing understanding among the people of the world in light of the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Attracting people from all over the world and in all walks of life, the topics of discussion invoked feelings of respect and unity among all present.

Zain was most inspired by the esteemed speakers: Shiekh Abdur Rahman Al Sudais, Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Effasy, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Yusuf Estes to name but a few. Zain also had the tremendous honour to meet his highness, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoum , the Ruler of Dubai at the Zabeel Palace.

Since the release of 1415 in July 2009, Zain Bhikha Studios has been inundated with requests from fans for the release of videos off the album. Songs included on 1415 are all close to Zain's heart and the decision of which one to turn into video has not been easy. However three have finally come through production and, Masha-Allah, they will not disappoint.



Many of you may be aware that one of the reasons Zain finally decided to record an album way back in 1994, was as a result of a great personal loss, the death of his childhood friend, Mubeen Rasool. "I remember your smile", was in fact one of the first songs that Zain ever wrote, and it was a dedication to Mubeen. Now, thanks to Rashid Bhikha, Riyaadh Mohamed (Zain's nephew) and the awesome talents of Zain's family and producer Lianne Cox, "I remember your smile" will give you a glimpse into Zain's memories of this truly special friend. Filmed in Laudium where Zain grew up, this video is sentimental and heartbreakingly honest. In fact, many of the scenes were shot at Mubeen's home, Mubeen's old Golf GTi that they 'cruised' in as young adults was also used, even little details such as a peak cap that has been treasured by Zain from 'way back then' has found its way into the video. A real insight into Zain Bhikha's early years!

Please check out here



"Mum and Dad", was written by Zain almost ten years ago as a tribute to his parents for their unwavering belief in him throughout his life and for the dedication and support they have always shown. This song is universal, touching the hearts of parents and children alike. What makes the video so special is that Zain's parents, Rashid and Mariam Bhikha, have allowed the cameras into their home giving insight to the very special relationship they have with Zain. It is truly a must see, mum and dad



A fourth video captures one of Zain's personal favourite songs, Deen-il-Islam, on film. It is inspirational and captures the essence of Zain Bhikha's sound through powerful, thought-provoking imagery. Check out here. All of Zain's videos can know be viewed on our dedicated YoutubeChannel. Please subscribe today to get the latest updates.




Islamic Relief celebrated their 25th anniversary in July 2009 with three charity concerts held across South Africa. The Next Generation Concerts held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town were primarily to raise funds for IR's Orphan Program. Zain has worked with Islamic Relief on several projects and this was one dear to his heart. He was the featured artist throughout the country performing with very talented local groups (Waahid, Desert Rose, Nujumal Layl) and incredibly funny comedians (Joey Rasdien, Riaad Moosa, Halal Bilal). The IR conerts also served as the official launch of Zain's "1415" album




"1415 The Beginning" pays true homage to when Zain Bhikha began recording in 1994/1415 AH. 2009 marks fifteen years since he officially released his first independent debut album
"A Way of Life". The release of 1415 pays tribute to his beginnings with 12 emotionally driven tracks including 'Mum and Dad', 'I Remember your Smile' and the 'Prophets Faithful Friend'. The album also features a fresh new approach to classic songs such as 'Fortunate is He'. This album is a true tribute to the work of Zain Bhikha in its simplicity and profound messages; it's a must for all those seeking peace in the remembrance of God. The album was officially released worldwide in July 2009.




Zain Bhikha in conjunction with Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Helping Hand USA toured the United States from the 22nd of May to the 14th of July 2009. Zain visited over 18 cities across the US conducting his now famous ACE Workshops. Zain also performed in several cities. It was a great opportunity to meet and interact with the young people of the US and Zain was honoured to perform live at so many venues.




In light of the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people, the single 'Freedom will Come' is a collaboration between world renowned artists all voicing their message of peace. This single became available as a free download on the 22nd of May 2009 at
View the site for interesting information about the song, a superb video and links to help contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people.



The momentous children's television program with Peace TV entitled "Enjoying Islam with Zain and Dawud" has been aired to great success. With only a few months of preparations beforehand, 30 episodes were shot in little over 2 weeks! Episodes ranged from basic aspects of Islam to various topics relevant to young Muslims. The show is filled with humour, great songs and was aired on Peace TV since May 2009. Special thanks to the wonderful kids who took part in the show with us, Jibrael Kayed, Rania Abdullah, Shams Beck, Tjani, Zain Omar and Maryam Daya.



Zain and Dawud Wharnsby hosted ACE workshops at the Redbridge Council from the 16th to the 19th of February 2009. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience for both artists who learnt a great deal from the young adults who attended. The week was filled with creative exercises aimed at allowing the participants to think out of the box and be inspired to share their latent talents.

We hope to take the ACE workshops to many parts of the world, if you are interested in bringing the workshops to your area please contact:



Zain Bhikha Studios - A division of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb
1137 Anvil Road, Robertville, Roodepoort, 1724, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 991 7332 / Fax: +27 11 991 7336
e -mail:

© 2014 Zain Bhikha Studios.

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